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Weight Loss Kit

Weight Loss Kit

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This guide is not a fad diet.

This is not a lose weight instantly guide.

We don’t have a magical pill.

We have seven tips and some guidance that lead to weight loss. We don’t promise you every answer, but we know that incorporating these tips into your new lifestyle will make you healthier. We also know that these lessons can be life-changing if you want to lose weight. We have also provided you with some fantastic recipes that are easy to make and delicious.

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Weight Loss Tips

  1. Calories In - Calories Out
  2. Get Active
  3. Persist Through Failure
  4. Buddy System
  5. Track Progress
  6. Clean Eating
  7. Portion Control
  8. Visualization

Exercises For A Week

  • Monday - Power Walk
  • Tuesday - Triangle Push Up
  • Wednesday - Body Weight Squat
  • Thursday - The Curl-Up Friday - Shadow Boxing
  • Saturday - Dips
  • Sunday - Power Jumps

Breakfast Recipes

  • Wake Up Sandwich
  • Apple Oatmeal
  • Melon Smoothie
  • Whole Wheat Pancakes
  • Morning Power Bar
  • Texan Omelette Wrap
  • Muesli

Lunch Recipes

  • Pasta & Beans
  • Turkey Reuben
  • The Healthy Roti
  • Sesame Noodles With Chicken
  • Mexican Lunch Minus The Meat
  • Healthy Lunch Pizza
  • Grilled Veggies

Dinner Recipes

  • Tex-Mex Burger Wraps
  • Veggie Chili
  • Lime Chicken
  • Mushroom and Scallion Chicken
  • Broccoli And Shrimp
  • Southwest Steaks w/Salsa Sauce
  • Grilled Eggplant & Portobello Sandwich

Dessert Recipes

  • Fruity Parfaits
  • Mocha Pudding
  • Banana Quesadillas
  • Broiled Mango
  • Sesame Squares
  • Easy Chocolate Cake
  • Grapefruit Mango Sorbet

Snack Recipes

  • G.O.R.P
  • Sesame Carrots
  • Hummus
  • Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
  • Cheesy Popcorn
  • Toasted Nuts
  • Sun Dried Tomato Dip